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ZONAJ is a project movement that seeks real social transformation, created in Colombia, specifically in the city of Armenia, with the purpose of restoring, equipping and empowering a generation to impact society from all spheres with biblical values ​​and principles.

ZONAJ was created around the promise of Isaiah 61: 4, “They will rebuild the ancient ruins, and they will restore the rubble of old, they will repair the ruined cities, and the rubble of many generations.” It is this promise given through the work of Jesus who challenges us to be agents of change, reconciliation, restoration and construction of the kingdom of God here on earth.

This call guides us to impact our generation and the next to act and not ignore a society that groans for love, peace, urgent change and transformation that can only occur through Jesus and the action of his disciples.

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Social Media

Weekly quote designs created for various social media platforms in Spanish (Facebook, Instagram)

The idea was to feature quotes that would inspire and teach young people biblical worldview through the messages portrayed in each design. Each image is meant to accompany the quote.

Tools/Programs used:

Photoshop, Illustrator

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