About Me

Since May 2021, I’ve served as the Graphic/Web Designer for Christ the King Community Church, overseeing design projects, site maintenance, social media management, and the creation of various web and print materials such as posters, logos, and signs, while also sending out bi-weekly emails.

In 2023 I started my own business Peter Kelly Design, focusing on creating websites and graphics specifically for small businesses and non-profit organizations on the Sunshine Coast and the Lower Mainland.

Before this, I gained experience from 2019 to 2020 as a Freelance and Contract Graphic Designer, working with organizations, churches, and agencies like Invigo Media, Village Church, and Hollyburn Country Club. Additionally, I gained experince during my time at Zonaj in Armenia, Colombia, from March to August 2016, where I was responsible for producing social media designs for platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.